Corporate Group Travel

It’s been my professional calling made reality since 1999. My background, 10 years with American Airlines, one year at El San Juan Hotel, and then my introduction to the incentive travel business.  I formed an association with a top corporate travel agency in Puerto Rico, Modern Travel (www.moderntravel.com) . We are partners and have achieved success together.  A partnership is essential to maximize the potential for growth. Pinnacle Events and Modern Travel (On Puerto Rico’s top Ten Producers List in Travel Business) are Travel Associates and together count on a staff of 12 to serve our clients. Pinnacle Events has worked successfully with groups ranging from 20 to 350 participants throughout the world.

With my 27 years experience in the travel business and Modern Travel’s 35 years, together we offer vast experience in all aspects of travel.

We specialize in Value Oriented Programs that provide memorable experiences that are designed to exceed all expectations; a travel experience beyond the ordinary. We design well balanced itineraries that provide flexibility between scheduled activities and free time during the journey.

The journey is endless.  As soon as one ends, the other is on its way.  So what exactly do we do?  This is my version…

We explore, research, put together, sell and deliver unique travel experiences around the world.

Where do we go next? Wherever the client wishes to go and what the budget allows.