What We Do

A successful program takes meticulous  planning.  Our work is based on a management fee that fluctuates depending on the type of program and the services desired.  It could either be a percentage of the entire program or a flat fee agreed between the parties.

Here is an outline of what we do.

  • Site Selection/Destination Analysis – To select a suitable location for a given program, we contact and screen numerous hotels and areas.  Detailed requirements are reviewed with each property before hotels are chosen as viable locations.
  • Program Design – Following final selection of suitable location for the meeting, Pinnacle Events will develop a complete program.  This development will include: designing an itinerary, coordination of the itinerary’s requirements with the hotel, ground transportation, off-site function venues, air carriers, and final implementation of the program.
  • Pinnacle Events will negotiate with the selected hotel for the rate considerations, and will handle all negotiations with applicable air carriers for a special airfare for the program.  Research into flight patterns, flight availability, and preferred air carriers will be conducted.  Coordination of ground transportation between the airport and the selected hotel, as well as ground transportation requirements within the proposed itinerary, will be handled by Pinnacle Events.
  • Pre-trip Preparation/Operation – Pinnacle Events will coordinate all requirements with the hotel and act as liaison.  This coordination includes providing with the hotel with a rooming list, detailed instructions for meeting requirements, planning and designing all group functions (such as meals, theme parties, recreational activities, pre-registration, and billing).  Menu selection and special requirements from participants will be communicated to the property through Pinnacle Events.
  • Off-Property Venues – Pinnacle Events will select off-property venues for group functions.  Once a selection has been made, Pinnacle Events will design and coordinate the event with the selected site: handle the creation and management of the function, and monitor cost and billing.
  • Site Program Management – During the course of the actual function, Pinnacle Events will provide full-time professional staff members who will remain on-site for the duration of the program.  These staff members will supervise and coordinate all program activities from the airport arrivals and departures to ground transportation management to all hotel meetings and functions.  They will oversee billing on a daily basis, staff a Hospitality Desk in the hotel to assist participants with questions, distribute gifts or amenities, and provide a quality-control service for the entire program.
  • Post-Trip Final Reconciliation – Pinnacle Events will develop and communicate a detailed set of billing instructions to all suppliers during the pre-trip operation stage of the program.   During the actual program operation, Pinnacle Events’ on-site management staff will oversee and monitor all billing on a daily basis.
  • Site Inspection – Pinnacle Events Management fee (when indicated) includes a visit to the destination chosen.  A representative from your company will be provided airfare, meals and hotel accommodations to experience the program in advance.

Following the completion of the program, Pinnacle Events will gather all final billings from the program suppliers, review the charges, and compile data into a complete concise reconciliation.  This final reconciliation statement will be itemized summary of costs incurred during the program and the applicable fees, expenses and charges by Pinnacle Events. When a package is involved an estimate per person in Single and Double occupancy will be provided and approved by the client as a budget guideline with a guarantee of number of participants.  All portions of the initial and approved budget as well as additions to the program will be billed as Pinnacle Events.

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